Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's ticklings

  • Cleaning out my “Spam” folder in Gmail, the text-ad at the top reads “Spam Quiche” or “French Fry Spam Casserole” or “Spicy Spam Kabobs.” Seriously, have some spam you’re trying to use up? Check your “Spam” folder.
  • The United States Postal Service will be releasing a set of Stars Wars stamps in May. They have strict rules about how long you have to be dead before you can get your face on a stamp? But a sci-fi blockbuster? Definitely its time has come. And not just a single stamp, but 15 that will be presented in the style of a movie poster. AND people can vote on which one is the best; that one will be re-released individually at a later date.
  • I will probably buy a sheet of the Star Wars stamps.
  • Even though it will require a special trip to the States or asking a favor of a family member.
  • Building elaborate houses out of Lincoln Logs and Kapla Blocks (both birthday presents) so that Scooter can “blow your house down.”
  • Making plans for the day that revolve around taking Scooter to the doctor for a suspicious eye (red-rimmed and watery, but not looking like pink eye) only to find a note on the door saying they were closed because his wife had gone into labor. This would be the doctor that Trillian was absolutely positive was gay.
  • My son running around the apartment in a shirt, underpants, socks, and a single yellow Croc.
  • Discovering I have about 5 days more to grade this stack of undergraduate papers than I had budgeted for myself. Especially since I had been aiming for today and I still have 45 left to read. But 45 over 5 days? Piece of cake!
  • Finishing a post mid-day instead of at 10pm at night.

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Lisa b said...

I didn't get to comment on this yesterday as I laughed so hard at the spam recipes that I scared my daughter and had to go cuddle her!
Crocs are hilarious on little kids.