Friday, March 09, 2007


Staring at the blank box, trying to decide what to write tonight. There are two posts--make that three--in particular that have been begging to be written, but I don't think I have the stamina to see them through to the end, or at least the end I want them to have. So perhaps I will get to them this weekend. Nonetheless, the computer's on, I'm not doing anything in particular, and so I feel compelled to post.

What to write about then? I thought about the old mommy blogger standby, my kid. But I can't even muster the usual cutest-sweetest-smartest child bit (even though he is). Then there's the pregnancy, more fertile ground. But look at that, my brain is so drained that I've managed an unintentionally bad pun (both the pun and its poor quality are unintentional).

So in the meantime, know that I'm still here and, even if recent posts would suggest the contrary, there are real posts coming.

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kgirl said...

i love that we often think about writing 'bout our kids as 'the old standby.' it's so true. they're our default but very not always the reason for our posts. mommybloggers indeed!