Saturday, March 03, 2007

Priorities for a Saturday evening

I am behind in my readings and have a presentation next week. The logical thing to do is quite obvious, even to me.

But what is the pregnant woman doing? Obsessing about baby names, of course. Girl names specifically.

We were never happy with the original girl's name we had chosen with Scooter--and were able to forget about it early on when we confirmed I was having a boy. Now we're pretty sure this is a girl and finding it quite difficult to come up with any name we really like.

Our son's name is unusual, and we would like a name that "matches." Not talking about rhyming or sounding similar, but something that meets the criteria that his name fulfills:
  1. Unusual, to the point of being fairly rare, but not made up.
  2. Significant meaning, preferably a tie to history or literature.
  3. Open to nickname(s) that are common.
For this one, we're adding the requirement that the new name not begin with the same letter as Scooter's real name. If it did, three of the four members of our family would have the same first initial--and that's just not us.

Obviously this is incredibly important stuff that must be decided right now! Certainly my professor will understand and agree that this is more important than a presentation on how evidence can be used to determine patterns in politics in no longer existing city councils. (btw, not my chosen field, well outside my interests, but a seminar taken simply to check another course off my list.)

Off to skim an article so that I can pick up some more bibliography. I swear. I will not head over to Baby Name Wizard to watch the pretty graph move along as I check out names.


bubandpie said...

Oh, oh! I have a suggestion! When Veronica Mitchell was coming up with baby names, she listed all the contenders in literary/historical code format, and then we had to guess what they were (not in the comments but in our heads) and vote! And it was so fun! Do you want to play that game?

(I'm feeling very Hermione-ish in this comment. Just picture me wriggling in my seat and sticking my hand up in the air saying "oh! oh!")

Lisa b said...

I knew after the first lines that this was going to involve list making.
It is an important task. One that cannot wait!
City council be dammed.

Suz said...

Oh, I love Bubandpie's suggestion! I've had my girl names picked out forever, so was completely thrown for a loop when we ended up having twin boys. We didn't chose Tyler's name until two days before he was born! My favorite girl's name was so because it had two great historical references AND appeared in Lord of the Rings. I'm such a geek ;-)

Mouse said...

I'm liking B&P's suggestion too. We still don't have enough of a list to do this, but I will be adding "clues" to my list. Maybe a preliminary list soonish with a more complete one later.

And yes, I'm asking myself how much time I have before "Hermione" becomes too popular...