Sunday, March 04, 2007

A geek's anxiety

An earlier post, no waiting for Scooter to be in bed. The reason? I am a geek. Slightly longer explanation: Tonight is the “Maelstrom” episode of Battlestar Galactica. The season has been leading up to this episode (at least for me). Buzz is that Starbuck will die, but not really. Now if you remember, Starbuck is pretty high up on my list of favorite television characters. It’s not just the butch swagger and tough-girl exterior (although that really does it for me). As I mentioned way back when, she had a rough family life and bears the emotional scars. The episode tonight is supposed to tap into that and give us a glimpse of her mother.

I am crossing my fingers that her “death” is not permanent, though I will be unhappy if they turn her into a Cylon or pull a Tasha Yar. When they killed her character off, I lost interest in ST: TNG (seriously, geek!); when they brought the actress back as the look-alike daughter we never knew she had... Let’s just say I’m hopeful the BSG writers can do better.

At least this gives me something to obsess over besides baby names and the work I’m not doing.


metro mama said...

I am rushing thru my chores to watch Amazing Race at 8.

Lisa b said...

I am hoping some of your BSG peeps can swing by to offer support. I have many addictions sadly this is not one of them. Though I do relate to the anger when the writers just could have done better.
This is my fear with Lost. Isn't that even more geeky? At least BSG has cult cred no?

Trillian said...

Am.SO.Frakking.PISSED. Am.on.FRAKKING.STRIKE! No more BSG until she's back! Frakkin' writers![wanders off mumbling profanities to self]