Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pregnancy has eaten my brain

So many ideas for posts. But I spent yesterday and most of today doing actual academic work and now am suffering from pregnancy brain doubled. And so I give to you these random thoughts. Amazingly, all pregnancy related.

The nausea is no fun. I still count myself lucky that I haven’t been hugging the porcelain. Yet. I’ve had some incredibly close calls in the past few days. And it seems to be ramping up for Tuesdays. I was about to put that down as all in my mind due to having a class for which I’ve rarely prepared everything, but then I realized that there are very real reasons for the worsening nausea. It is increased by (1) stress(and I definitely experience anxiety over going to this class) an (2) not enough sleep (and I usually get less sleep for a couple nights as I try to prepare everything).

I had lunch today with the one friend in my department that I’ve told about the pregnancy. She had pretty much guessed it before Reading Week and then caught me scribbling baby names in my notes during a class last week. So there was baby talk in addition to our usual departmental gossip. Though nothing truly interesting since we were missing our usual third (who was out-of-town).

I’m keeping track of the compliments I am receiving because of the pregnancy. It’s amusing right now since the givers have no idea. A week or so ago one classmate asked if I’d gotten a haircut because it was looking so even and healthy. And then today another classmate mentioned my fair, rosy, radiant skin. The pregnancy glow! (Never mind that I consider my current complexion washed out and red—darn mask of pregnancy that I didn’t have last time.)

I will finally get to see a midwife next week, a couple days shy of 9 weeks. I’ve been able to work things out so that I can deliver at a better hospital than those on the “preferred” list. By this time last pregnancy, however, I’d already had at least two blood tests (with concerns about slow-rising HCG levels) and one ultrasound (that confirmed the pregnancy and its viability). I haven’t even been able to get a second blood test yet. The doctor I saw at the campus clinic only gave me a requisition for one and wanted me to come back for another appointment—even though they don’t do any obstetric care—and the second blood test then. But there were no appointments open until after I’ll have seen the midwife. And I didn’t think it would be wise to sit in the office with a bunch of sick college students for a walk-in visit.

I think I’ll be in bed by 9:30. I should be working on a presentation for my other class. But maybe if I get a good night’s sleep, I’ll be able to hold the nausea off for some really productive time tomorrow.


metro mama said...

I had such a hard time concentrating on my studies when I was pregnant.

Lisa b said...

Yay I am so glad you got a midwife and negotiated to deliver where is best for you not UHIP.
Also not sure if feeling nauseous is any better than being sick. Its the same constant feeling of anxiety. Ok I guess its better but still sucks! Sorry, I know how you feel and hope its over soon!

kgirl said...

congrats on securing a midwife! and I hope the puking remains at bay!

Mouse said...

I've decided that nauseous is better than puking, mostly because I don't have to worry about not being too far from a bathroom.