Thursday, March 08, 2007

Serious thinking is hard

There are so many things I've been wanting to write about. I've started many a post in my head over the past couple days (earmarking the whole environmental thing for yesterday). But my reality:
  • Presentation tomorrow for my seminar. (Big plus--second and final presentation completed by the halfway mark of the semester. Yeah me!)
  • This required actual work. With actual thinking. While pregnant. Unfair.
  • Oh, and Scooter's been home the past two days with some nasty coughing bug. Of course, he's not so sick that he's been tired. No, no naps for him anymore (which deserves its own post). But the cough has been keeping him (and us) up at night.
  • And Trillian's on some serious deadlines right now too, which means both of us have been spending our days juggling our work with Scooter's demands, trying to decide which ones require immediate response (juice--keep the boy hydrated) and which call for a little benign neglect (play with me--why don't you start and I'll be there in a bit).
Nonetheless, I am proud to say--OK, I'm bragging here--that my presentation was done by 10pm tonight. OK, 10:40 if you include time spent printing off my notes and handout on our super slow desktop. Much better than the 1:30am or so for the last one. That's even with several marathon story times (4 1/2 books in one sitting yesterday, many Thomas stories today), a trip with Scooter to buy some treats yesterday, and a whole family trip to the coffeeshop this afternoon.

But I do have to say, I'm thought out and my brain hurts.

Which is why I'm watching an old Simpsons episode and laughing so hard I'm crying. Yeah, bed would be a good idea.

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metro mama said...

Congrats. It's so hard to stay focussed, isn't it.