Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some people have too much time on their hands

Via No Nym's guest post at BitchPhD in honor of "Talk Like A Pirate Day":

My wife showed our son the SpongeBob "You are a Pirate" video on YouTube. From there, she discovered a whole world of SpongeBob clips. Now most of these are not simply clips grabbed from regular SpongeBob cartoons. Instead, they are often little bits and pieces of various episodes with other items thrown in, carefully set to some song or random music. This is one of my son's favorites.

I barely have the time to keep up with half a dozen blogs, much less put the energy into creating a SpongeBob montage. I suppose I should be thankful that someone has done something that amuses my son. But really, who are these people?

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Lisa b said...

you said it. seriously who has time for that? but aren't we glad they do!