Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More on TV characters

No, I have not been obsessing about television characters since completing the meme about my favorite characters. Rather, I had a moment last week that reminded me of a character from a show I'd completely forgotten about. Then when I was cleaning up my area (i.e., the couch and coffee table where my books inevitably gather), I found my brainstorming list, which included a few characters who didn't make the final 10. So without further ado...

Favorite TV characters, honorable mention :

1. Lindsay Weir from Freaks and Geeks. As I was driving to the airport last week, the song "Lady" by Styx came on the radio. Immediate flashback: Nick Andopolis serenading a very uncomfortable Lindsay. Lindsay would be another one of those characters I closely identify with. Smart girl, known mostly for being the smart girl, is sick of the label and starts hanging out with a different crowd. Now I never had the guts to totally ditch the smart crowd, but my first boyfriend was from a group of students who were an odd mix of smart/burned out/drugged out/drunk/disenchanted. And I wore an Army surplus jacket too!

2. Jane Tennison from Prime Suspect. I am a fan of all things Helen Mirren, but this is the show that made me really aware of how amazing she is.

3. Jeffrey from Coupling (BBC version). What a fun show! I love the group chemistry. And Jeffrey, poor Jeffrey, creates some of the best moments with his inability to handle some of the simplest social interactions. I love the episode where he's trying to chat up a woman from Israel, completely misunderstands what she is telling him, and ends up shouting "Breasts" in Hebrew across the bar.

4. Bubble from Absolutely Fabulous. Another character who adds just the right touch of humor. My wife and I still quote her lines regularly, particularly "little animal, not a rat," when trying to remember what to call the computer mouse.

So those are my also-rans.

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