Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sillies get ready for bed

I am now the proud owner of multiple pictures of my son with a diaper (technically, pull-ups) on his head, otherwise naked--in other words, date-embarrassment fodder. To be fair, I may have given him the idea (the diaper on the head, not the accompanying naked part).

We were already being quite silly in the tub, what with the squirting of each other and the surrounding area and the bear spout-guard eating my son's rear-end. My wife came in a couple of times to check on the roars and shrieks of laughter. I'm glad the unit next door is currently empty or I might be trying to explain the noise to the cops.

After his bath and towel down, my son extended the silliness to putting on his night-time diaper. So I put it on my head, which was apparently the funniest thing ever. At his first opportunity, he grabbed and turned it into a hat for himself. He ran to show my wife, I slipped into the den to grab the camera.

Many, many pictures later, we settled down enough to squirm into pajamas, read a story, and get into bed. I suspect sleep is still a long way off. But I'd call it a pretty good night.


something blue said...

Those are the best permanent smile inducing moments. Glad you captured it! Pull Ups make excellent hats.

sunshine scribe said...

Pretty good night indeed.

We wore pull ups on our heads for a faux tea party once too. Very fashionable ...