Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It all blends together

I went in and out of this airport I don't know how many times when I lived in the area. Yet, I couldn't visualize what I would see next. Off the airplane to the baggage claim to the car rental place. It's all vaguely familiar, but I'm not sure if I'm actually remembering this airport or just some Platonic Form of an airport.

On the shuttle to the car rental location, the woman next to me asks, "Is this new? Do you know if all of the rental companies are in one building or if there are multiple stops?" I know that I should know, but can only smile and say, "I'm not sure."

Later, as I walk around the mall near my hotel,* I reminisce about when my wife and I used to be able to go there regularly. Then I start to think about trips to that mall with my parents and siblings. Except that never happened. That was a different mall.

I know that some of it is the homogenization of commercial spaces, but I also suspect a factor of age and distance.

* And yes, I chose the location specifically so that I could pick up a couple things at two of the stores I know are there.

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