Friday, September 15, 2006

Shh... don't tell anyone

I had carefully planned out a series of posts that would lead up to my grand revelation. It was brilliant.

But I've started some plans in motion today. Now I'm feeling all conspiratorial and dying to share just how crazy I am--and I've decided not to let my best school-friend in on the scheme.

So first the revelation: my wife and I are ready for baby #2. And we've managed to get almost everything in order. I've been plotting my cycle and seem to be pretty regular. We have "pop" on ice (brings a whole new meaning to popsicle) at our original sperm bank. And we are so ready.

The rub: "Pop" is not cleared to come to Canada. Apparently, the US and Canada test for different things in different ways, so we can't just have him shipped up here.

Now, we had a solution to that, a good one even. I would simply become a patient with some doctor just across the border. "Pop" could wait for me there and I'd drive over, as long as it was a light school day.

Rub #2: It has not been easy to set this up with a doctor.

One clinic, that seemed very promising, played phone tag with me for 2 weeks before telling me that they didn't "have the facilities to handle frozen sperm." I don't quite get this, as "Pop" travels in his own container that stays at the needed temperature for at least 7 days. They would be able to just stand him in a corner until I came in. Whatever.

So I contacted their suggested clinic. And I have an appointment in two weeks to set up my patient file. Only problem: I ovulate next week and really don't want to wait another cycle. OK, fine, I'll make the appointment, but I'm still looking for someone who can take me sooner.

Almost in tears, I said to my wife, "Why does this have to be so much harder than last time? I really miss our old OB/GYN." And thus was planted the seed of our plan.

Next week after I teach one morning, I will drive to the airport and fly back to our old city. The next morning, I will go pick up "Pop" and head to my old doctor. They are more than happy to fit me in on the very day I needed, which also happens to be the day it was easiest for me to reschedule my usual committments. After I go through the drill there, it's back to the airport and home again so that I can be back in class the next morning.

It's crazy, it's absolutely nuts, but I am so excited.

Keep your fingers crossed!


Lisa b said...

that is so crazy exciting I have goosebumps.
Totally worth it.
Good Luck!

sunshine scribe said...

Wow. That is SO exciting. Really really. Sending all my good luck vibes your way!!!!