Friday, February 01, 2008

January progress report

Back at the beginning of the year, I made a list of goals (not resolutions--it just so happened that the new year coincided with major life changes). So I figured I'd take a look back and see what I've accomplished in the year.

A brief look at each point.
  • we figure out how big our family will be.
I'm putting this off for a couple more months.
  • I find a way to enjoy exercising again.
We bought a treadmill over the holidays, and I've been using it approximately every other day. I can hook up my Shuffle and listen to my music as I walk (not to running yet). While I wouldn't say I look forward to my time on the treadmill, I am at least finding it almost meditative (see below).
  • I finish my comps.
I'm still behind for my first set of exams--and having trouble setting up a remote testing situation. Scooter's still not in preschool or many scheduled activities that allow me my own time, so it's going slowly. I'm avoiding my supervisor (isn't that standard grad school fare?). But I actually think it will go faster once I get past these exams.
Did the first rooms this month and will be continuing to do a little each month.
  • we hang artwork in at least two different rooms.
Technically, we've accomplished this. The African art we bought 1 1/2 years ago and had framed is hanging in the living room. A piece Trillian's mom gave us is in the dining room. Scooter's magnetic name is in his room. Of course, I'm not quite sure I can give myself a pass on this yet since I don't think these are their permanent homes.
  • we get Scooter evaluated and determine what supports he'll have in school.
We've had the school-related evaluations and are just waiting on the meeting. He's already going to OT on a weekly basis (bless the therapist!) and should be able to start preschool soon after the meeting. That will give us a better sense of how things will work once he starts kindergarten.
  • I experiment with gluten-free baking.
I need to post the recipes I've used for bread. Nonetheless, I've got a donut recipe and fruit dessert up over at The Mouse's Kitchen. As is often the case with experimentation, not everything has turned out as hoped for--I was dying for biscotti the other night, but was not particularly satisfied with the results of my improvisation on a recipe I found online.
  • I meditate regularly.
I don't think I've meditated in a traditional sense since the start of the year. But I have been finding meditative moments in everyday activities. My daily shower has long been such a moment, but I'm finding that walking on the treadmill and some cooking activities provide opportunities to practice mindfulness and allow my thoughts to untwist themselves.

Not a bad start overall. Off to the treadmill and then some comps reading.


Aliki2006 said...

You are making some strides wi'th tat list--I"m impressed. And do post more gluten-free recipes, we're struggling here...

cinnamon gurl said...

I'm so impressed you're checking in after a month. Good job!