Friday, February 08, 2008

The things we do for love

Scooter broke down in tears this afternoon when we went to the grocery store to pick up milk and a few other minor items. As we walked towards the checkout, a Valentine's Day display caught his eye. In it? Boxes and boxes of Valentine's cookies--sugar cookies decorated with red and pink frosting. His eyes got wide and his hand went up towards them. "We could get those."

"I'm sorry, sweetie. We can't have those. They have wheat in them."

The tears started almost immediately, along with the pleas. Trillian, who had been checking something an aisle over, caught up with us and asked him what was wrong. "Meema says I can't have those; they have wheat. Can you take the wheat out?"

We calmed him down, checked out, and headed home. We had gotten him some cheese and had some gluten-free pretzels in the car, so he had some of those on the way home. The cookies were seemingly forgotten.

After he went to bed, I got out a box of gluten-free sugar cookie mix that we had around and rooted around for the heart cookie cutter I was pretty sure we had. Trillian came over to see what I was doing and then set out to help me get things together. But we didn't have any Valentine's-worthy decorations. Some colored sugar, but I had bought our favorite colors (blue, green, yellow).

So I headed back to the grocery store to buy food coloring. A little while later, this is what we had:
And also:
(Trimmed to remove the name-related cookie.)

There are a number of other things I could have--should have--done tonight, but somehow this seemed more important.


kgirl said...

That is so sweet. And you're right; sometimes baking cookies is the most important thing to do.

Lisa b said...

I cannot think of anything more important.
I am sure it was totally worth it.

Aliki2006 said...

those cookies look amazing! How sweet and wonderful of you to spend your evening making them--I bet Scooter was delighted.

Mouse said...

He was definitely excited to see them the next morning and has been enjoying them in moderation. He likes the idea of special cookies just for him, especially since he's starting to figure out Valentine's Day.