Monday, February 11, 2008

I need more hands

On the one hand, Scooter is spending most nights in his own bed and has gotten used to most of our house's little noises.

On the other, he regularly gets up by 5:30 am and thinks that we should be up if he is.

On the one hand, I would like to get up between 6 and 6:30 so that I can get my workout done first thing.

On the other, I find it hard to get out of bed if the last hour of sleep is spent in five minute increments, as Scooter likes to come in and breathe over me to se if I'll get up yet.

On the one hand, Scooter understands our digital clock enough that we can tell him that we'll get up at seven-zero-zero.

On the other, he likes to come in and announce that it is six-three-seven and six-five-four.

On the one hand, Scooter is enjoying an increasing ability to do things for himself. He has learned what buttons to push to make a DVD play once it's in the player. He watches where we put things so that he can go after them again when he wants to. He is getting better able to visualize the steps needed to complete a task.

On the other, he thinks he can do more than he is able. Which is why I had to leap out of bed this morning when I heard the stool being moved over to the refrigerator so that he could reach the apple juice on the top shelf.

On the one hand, Scooter's IEP meeting is tomorrow. He'll be able to start the preschool program very soon. We already know he'll be getting OT once a week and that the speech therapist hangs out in the preschool room to provide general support.

On the other, the program only meets for four afternoons a week. We need to find something for at least a couple mornings each week. We all need a break from each other!


cinnamon gurl said...

I hear you on the sleep front. We've just been woken up every few minutes/hours since three this morning. Only Swee'pea's crying and screaming to get up.

kgirl said...

i almost think it's better that bee climbs in with us sometime during the night. at least she tends to sleep in with us that way.

(oh god. you know you are a parent - and old - when 8am is sleeping in.)

Mouse said...

Scooter's so big now and thrashes about in his sleep (usually ending up horizontal across the middle), so his sleeping with us was leading to very tired mothers. I miss the smaller, cuddlier days, but we still let him stay in our bed when he's not feeling well.