Friday, February 15, 2008

It's a small town, part two

Very shortly after we moved into this house, we realized that there is no lock on the door that leads into the house from the garage. Both Trillian and I had a moment of panic. A weakness in the perimeter! We were sitting ducks!

Once we got ourselves out of city-mode, however, we were able to calm down quite a bit. The crime rate here is incredibly low, and nearly all of it is non-violent. Should someone have a garage-door opener on the same frequency as ours, I suspect the worst we would suffer is stolen goods--if our neighbors didn't notice a strange car/person first.

I discovered this afternoon, when I went to go test the back-door key the previous owners sent to us, that the back door had been unlocked all night. A discovery like this in Toronto and a few other places we've lived would have rattled both Trillian and me, leading to frequent checks by the both of us in the following weeks. Today, we just laughed about it.

One of our neighbors, a long-time local, related to us that when her parents sold their house, they didn't have a key to give to the new owners; it had simply been too long since they had locked the door. I could see this happening to us too. Our front door only has a button lock,* and we usually go through the lockless garage door anyway. I know that the key is still on my key chain, but it sure isn't getting a lot of use.

*Though we may add a deadbolt fairly high up, more to keep a certain short person in than anybody out.


Lisa b said...

What a great story, that really is lovely to feel so secure.

Mouse said...

Not that I ever really thought something dastardly would happen in Toronto. When we were in our condo, I was more concerned about the kids who lived next door stumbling home after a night out and miscounting the doors.