Thursday, February 21, 2008

Global Warming Wednesday: Writer's block

I've been finding it hard to write the posts that I want to for this. There's plenty I've been thinking about (obsessing about, some might say), but the thoughts aren't coalescing into posts. Or I get started and abandon them in the middle. Or, as happened last week, I actually have something I want to share, but the sites I want to link to aren't working.

I probably should write something, more as a chance to work through some of the eco-guilt that's been plaguing me than to pass along any real information.

There's an episode of My Name is Earl that captures my feeling pretty well. In "Robbed a Stoner Blind," Earl discovers that the stoner (played by Christian Slater) is living on an environmental commune; the stoner tells Earl that they'll be even if he and his brother live on the commune for a week. Earl's experience opens his eyes to the problem of climate change and humans' role in the crisis. Earl vows to change his ways. But suddenly, everywhere Earl looks, he sees other people who are behaving irresponsibly and panics over the fact that there's no way to do enough.

I'm going through another patch of that, some of it, I suspect, my subconscious' attempt to balance out that I much prefer my current lifestyle (semi-rural, more driving required) over living in the city (dense urban living = lower environmental impact). I'm trying to take the proverbial deep breath and will return with concrete actions some time soon.

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