Thursday, July 10, 2008

Halfway, plus

At the beginning of the year, I set a few goals for myself (emphatically not resolutions). Since we've now completed six months and a few days, I decided to take stock of what I've accomplished at the halfway mark.

The goals that I set:
  • We will figure out how big our family will be.
When I set this goal, I didn't necessarily expect to deliver in 2008. More, I had in mind that I would either be far enough into a pregnancy to feel safe or I would have decided that we were stopping at one. Right now, I'm still in a holding pattern. I have an endocrinologist appointment this coming week and am keeping my fingers crossed that it will set me in motion on this goal again.

  • I will find a way to enjoy exercising again.
Enjoy might be a little overboard, but it has become a regular part of my routine at this point. There are some things I like better than others, but I mix up the specifics of my workout to keep my body from getting too used to any one routine. I am a bit disappointed that even with exercising at least an hour four or more times a week, without increasing my caloric intake, I have only lost four pounds so far this year. Yet another thing I hope the endocrinologist can explain.

  • I will finish my comps.
I've hit a lull and have had a hard time getting any work done. I think that this is part of the holding pattern of above. But, at the very least, I still expect to get the written part of my exams done; the oral exam may bleed over into January.

  • I will complete an environmental audit of our new house and devise a plan for how we can minimize our impact.
I haven't been writing about this as much as I had intended, but we've been gradually switching out light bulbs, experimenting with window coverings, cutting back our gas and electric use, and contemplating solar water heating and/or power. I've also been focusing on using or repurposing what we already own.
  • We will hang artwork in at least two different rooms.
Technically, we have artwork up in three rooms. But all of it is hung on nails left behind by the previous owners. The piece in our living room will probably stay where it is, but the others are really just place holders. I have one framed poster I want to put up in our bedroom and expect that we will find a few more pieces at the art festival we'll be going to soon. I hope to get those up as soon as they're framed.
  • We will get Scooter evaluated and determine what supports he'll have in school.
Scooter is currently on the wait-list for the closest diagnostic clinic; it is likely he'll get an appointment for sometime in October-December. He already has an IEP for kindergarten, and I can't imagine any diagnosis under which it would change substantially. He'll be getting the occupational therapy we most want him to have, may qualify for speech therapy, and should get consideration from his teacher for things like sitting on the periphery of the classroom and working with smaller groups. There's always more we could be actively pursuing, but I feel like we've got a decent structure in place right now.
  • I will experiment with gluten-free baking.
I haven't been writing much of this down, although I always intend to, but I've accomplished a decent amount. I now have memorized a bread recipe that turns out pretty well and that Scooter truly likes. I've made banana bread (need to make some more with the bananas I have on hand) and a really tasty fruit crumble (or crisp? can't remember which it technically was now). I also have zucchini for zucchini bread and will spend some serious time on chocolate chip cookies when it gets a little cooler.
  • I will meditate regularly.
Crap. Forgot this one was here. I almost never sit down and meditate. But... I have been walking a lot as part of my exercise, multiple miles outside most days. And while I can't claim this as true walking meditation, it is when I let my mind wander through things and go where it wants; this particular time really helps me clear my head and work through issues. So it almost qualifies.

OK, not a bad exercise. I'd forgotten some of my goals, so it's good to see them on the screen again.


cinnamon gurl said...

Good for you, for both setting goals and working on them.

Aliki2006 said...

I'm impressed with your goals and with how you've met them! I need to sit down and write down some serious goals--I keep them in my head and they shift constantly.

Mouse said...

It was interesting for me to look back at the original post--there were a few goals that I've kept actively in my mind, a few I'd shifted a bit, and a couple that I'd totally forgotten.

crazymumma said...

goals. gotta hate em. but I have met a few this year.

as to weight loss? No carbs. Thats all I got for you. It works.

Lisa b said...

that walking meditation is really the only kind I can do. who has time to just sit? or who can justify it?

I need those gf recipies!