Monday, July 14, 2008

Green, formerly known as Global Warming (Whatever)day

It has recently struck me that most of my reasons for naming Global Warming Wednesday as I did are no longer true.

I knew from the beginning that the name was a bit of a misnomer, but went with it anyway for the sake* of alliteration. I had chosen Wednesday due to my course schedule for that particular semester. But a semester is only three or four months and life moves on. So now, eighteen months later, several months of wandering Global Warming posts, I've decided to change the window dressing.

So now my environmental posts will be tagged as "Green."

Somewhat obvious, yes. But there is a deeper meaning for me.

Green is a color I gravitate towards, in clothing, in decorations, whenever I am given the choice. In natural shades, it has long been my favorite color, although for reasons similar to why it has come to represent the environmental movement. Going out into nature, the green of trees and plants, is hugely calming for me.

My love for the color is wrapped up with my concern for the environmental at the most basic level. Therefore, by changing the overarching name of my environmental posts, I am reminding myself of why I write them in the first place.

*Serious brain fog, wrote this as "sack" at first.

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