Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weather update

The weather here is settling into "definitely fall," with cooler temperatures and occasional showers. But there does seem to be more consistency, and I'm even fond of the cooling off.

Similarly, a number of things have evened out since my last weather forecast. So here are some miscellaneous updates:
  • Having the windows open to cool down the apartment has been wreaking havoc on all of our sinuses. Luckily, we are close to where we want to be and should be able to maintain a pleasant temperature without opening the windows for more than a few hours a day. (Funny how a too-hot apartment can completely unsettle one.)
  • It's finally sinking in that it really, truly looks like we will have the house we wanted. Both sides are very eager for the transaction to be completed, and we're left with very few potential dealbreakers.
  • I went to go check out my carrel... and the key didn't fit. It's not that the lock or door sticks, as a friend told me about his, but that the key could in no way fit into the keyhole. So I had to go through the whole song and dance of waiting until the carrel office was open and being as sweet as I could to the woman who wields great power over a small part of the universe. I got a new key that actually does work.
  • And discovered that my space is not too bad. I'm on a floor with windows in the carrels and have a split desk, part of which is actually at a good height for me (as tall as I am, tables usually hold my books much lower than is comfortable).
  • Plus, I reread the regulations more closely and determined that it says I need to give up my carrel if I leave the university. So even though I won't be on campus, I won't technically have to give my key back in two months and can still use it when I travel up to Toronto.
Now if only I could get my momentum back for my comps readings.

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Aliki2006 said...

Heat always unsettles me...

How exciting about the house prospect! Can't wait to hear more...