Saturday, October 13, 2007


  • The new power supply arrived, and so I am happily ensconced on the couch again and not having to run back to the office throughout the day. In my defense, not all of my time has been spent on frivolous pursuits: I spent quite some time yesterday chasing down texts I need for my seminar.
  • Last Sunday, my family met up with a friend and her husband. She was a colleague of mine at the school where I taught in the States. I'm a little sad that I'll be leaving so soon after she and I are back in the same place, but we'll be sure to get together regularly to make the most of the time. And I'm going to introduce her to people in my department; Trillian and I may even have a dinner party so that we can mingle on a couples-level.
  • Today I received an email from another former colleague. I had just been thinking the other day that I should email her (though I'll be damned if I can remember what triggered that thought). The one detail I can't get over is that her son is now in the 6th grade! I've known him since he was 3 or (just) 4.

Time flies and all of that. Off to finish a section of my comps reading. More substantial posts soon.

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Lisa b said...

yay Dell!
nothin like american customer service

back to work you!
just reading the word 'comps' makes me nervous.