Monday, October 22, 2007


I had plans, many months ago, to spruce up my site over the summer. Yeah, maybe you can see this too... it didn't happen.

But I've started to work on one idea I had way back when: a second, but connected, blog. I can't remember when exactly I thought of this, but it appeals to me to have a second site where I can post about some of the things that have sometimes felt out of place here, recipes and other food issues in particular.

And so was born The Mouse's Kitchen.

Truthfully, I reserved the url weeks ago and kept meaning to put something, anything, up. As it so happens, Aliki's post yesterday was the little prod I needed. She linked to an article from CBC News about a brain-gut reaction, specifically the effect of propionic acid, a fatty acid commonly found in wheat and dairy products, on behavior. Coincidentally, we just started transitioning Scooter over to a gluten-free, casein-free (i.e., primarily free of wheat and dairy ) diet.

We based this decision mostly on anecdotal evidence and discussions with other parents. This is something we've debated for months. Every time it came up, we'd agree that it was probably worth trying, but would put it off since it's so hard to implement. The bulk of Scooter's diet has long been carbohydrates and dairy, and he's such a picky eater that we didn't want to subtract foods. He favorite snacks were Cheerios and goldfish crackers. For something more substantial, he has been partial to cream cheese on crackers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chicken nuggets (but only very specific breadings).

But we have started to make the transition. No changes at school--since we'll be leaving soon. At home, however, we've nearly made the switch. We're still experimenting with replacements, and we have to work on remembering to bring approved snacks with us when we go places he's used to getting a treat.

Anyway, I'll be writing about the parenting and personal aspects of this change, plus keeping track of how different products and recipes are received over in the Kitchen. So drop by the new place.


Aliki2006 said...

I'll check out your new place!

I bought gluten-free pasta today and cooked it and everyone but me thought it was horrible. Tessa sampled it, at least, but Liam said it was too brown.

I wish I had started this when he was 3 and not now, when he's 7. He's a perfect example of how much more rigid kids with sensory issues can get as they grow older. You are so wise to start working on this now.

cinnamon gurl said...

Congrats on the new addition! Sounds like a great, much-needed idea... will definitely stop by.