Friday, October 19, 2007


Wednesday was my lowest day. Not that today was easy. Since last night, I've had some dizziness and my skin is threatening to break out in hives, but I'm holding it together.

And what I found as I walked to my chiropractor appointment (still dealing with the back) was that I am thankful. Not for the miscarriages, obviously, but thankful nevertheless.

I am thankful:
  • for my wife. Trillian came home from her yoga class with a bouquet of bright flowers and a decadent chocolate dessert. I know that this is a tough time for her too, so this simple act meant even more.
  • for my son. Scooter has been trying our patience of late, pushing boundaries even harder than before, but I know that this is all part of him making up for lost time and is his own way of dealing with sudden leaps in ability and understanding. And I know better than to take for granted the amazing conversations we're starting to have and the little signs that his sensory processing overdrive is calming down a little.
  • for laughter. On the way back from OT this week, Scooter and I laughed uproariously. He was answering "I don't know" to every question, so I pretended not to know his name and made ridiculous suggestions. We both found the name "Murgatroyd" particularly hysterical, as well as Hieronymous, Ignatius, and others. My favorite part, however, was getting him to run into the apartment and greet Trillian with an enthusiastic, "Hi, Murgatroyd."
  • for health. Sure this back injury has slowed me down and forced me to juggle my time so that I can get to the chiropractor's office a couple times a week. But I walk there without any problem.
  • for financial stability. We can afford for me to be in school, not bringing in a significant income. We can afford the trips to the chiropractor. We can afford Scooter's OT. We can afford our upcoming move. And knowing that is one less stressor in my life.
  • for much, much more. My in-laws and knowing how excited they are about our move. My friends, both in real-life and on the internet. DVDs of TV series I love (we've been watching Wonderfalls tonight). Indulging my love of coffee and chocolate. Easy-to-assemble children's organizational furniture from IKEA. And so many other, almost inconsequential items. Because the little things can tip the balance.


Lisa b said...

I absolutely agree that the little things can tip the balance.
great list, a good reminder for me to also be thankful. I try.
Murgatroyd is a classic.

cinnamon gurl said...

I really like the name Ignatius! ;)

And you're so right about tipping the balance... it's good to stock now and again.

Aliki2006 said...

You are so right, the little things can so often tip the balance--especially for me.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Laural Dawn said...

Beautiful post. Sometimes looking at/for the positive in life makes all the difference in your life.
I love the names conversation. I think the moments where you laugh with your child - like real, gut-busting laughter - are the moments you will always remember :)