Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cloudy with a chance of rain

Today saw a sudden shift in the weather. After several sunny days, with the last two bringing record-breaking high temperatures, today has been gray and cloudy with rain on and off. Usually I enjoy autumn rains, but this day has found me in a bit of a mixed mood, reflecting the day's weather.

Rain: Our apartment has been unbearably hot since they've turned off the air conditioning and we have almost no ventilation.
Silver Lining: We are finally back down to a decent temperature thanks to the large drop today.
Cloud: It has taken all day and we're still on the high side of livable since our tiny windows have been catching no breezes.

Cloud: My plans for the day have gone all akimbo, because my back started acting up again and I can't sit in the chairs on campus for very long.
Silver Lining: By coming home, I could make sure Trillian had the information needed to wire the rest of our earnest money into our escrow account. At this point, everything's in line for our closing next month!
Rain: A spitting mist. My reading is going so slowly, more so when I don't stay on schedule.

Cloud: My back is bad enough that my chiropractor has advised against exercise that requires exertion.
Silver Lining: The athletic center refunded the money I paid for the classes I haven't been able to attend, without any hassle or red tape.
Rain: Cold drizzle. But that means I'm not attending the classes. I'm very sad that my plans to take ballet have fallen through for the semester.

Cloud: I've spent several hours over the past week trying to find out what residency requirements there are for my program to make sure that I won't screw up my degree progress if I don't maintain an address in the area.
Silver Lining: I walked into the office today and was told that it's entirely up to my department--and they've said they're fine with the arrangements I want.
Rain: Slight chance. I'm tentative about the information I received. The person I spoke to went and consulted anyone else and then prefaced her answer to me with "As far as I can figure out..." I'm just hoping she figured correctly.

Silver Lining: I finally have a carrel in the library, my own private space to work when I'm on campus. Or, as Trillian has dubbed it, a place to stow the crap that's currently taking over the couch so maybe more than one person at a time can sit there.
Cloud: I will actively be on campus for only another 2 months. For some reason, it took a good 3-4 weeks longer for me to get my assignment than another person in my department. And it's not on the floor I requested, so I won't just be able to pop out of my carrel and grab a book for quick reference.
Rain: Holding my breath. Technically, I'm not supposed to keep the carrel if I'm not regularly on campus, so I need to read back through the contract and see if there are any loopholes for my situation or if I'm likely to be able to escape notice.

Here's hoping the rain clears up soon--though if the sun shines too much and heats our apartment back up, I'll still be able to find plenty to complain about.


Lisa b said...

Rainbows: I believe you are dealing with the same bastards, I mean bureaucracy, I was dealing with. Someone would have to tell on you for anyone to figure out any of the above and even if someone did they would have to prove it.
I live ten subway stops from the bastards and there was some noise about my 'residency'. I honestly did not set foot on campus the last year of my degree but I could have and so can you if you need to.

Aliki2006 said...

I admire your ability to find all these silver linings--I must take notes from you on how to do this so well!