Friday, August 10, 2007

Wearing my politics on my trunk

I covered the back of my first vehicle in bumper stickers. Things like "War doesn't decide who's right, just who's left" and "Wage Peace" and a rainbow flag.

I was more restrained with my second vehicle and switched to static cling window decals. The first two were a rainbow triangle and the mascot from my undergraduate institution. When I went to my second PhD program, I added one from that institution, less from pride than from a desire to make people aware that even though I had an out-of-state license plate, my car belonged there.

Our current vehicle, a basic family car, has remained sticker- and decal-less. Not because of any particular conscious decision, it's just happened that way.

Until last week.

We've moved a step down the ladder in terms of commitment--it's a magnet, easy to reposition or take off as whim dictates.

I imagine that even the Canadians have noticed that politics are already heated in the US. It's over a year before the 2008 presidential election, and yet both sides have already had multiple debates. I had thought that being in another country would provide a good buffer--that was certainly the case for the midterm elections last year. Perhaps our impending move has changed that a little, but I think I'd have had a hard time pretending I didn't care regardless of where I expected to be next year.

Which brings me back to the magnet I slapped on the back of our car, purposely, just before heading to the family reunion. It says "John Edwards 2008."

I could go into a long explanation of why both Trillian and I, independently, came to the conclusion that he is the best choice of the Democratic candidates* and why he's the first political candidate we've ever given money to directly. Most likely I will lay it all out there fairly soon.

*Do I even need to say that none of the Republican candidates are even a choice for me?

(And tangentially related, politics didn't come up much at the family reunion. Very liberal on that side of the family, but even discussing which Democratic candidate one supports can cause emotions to run a little high--and that is something the family avoids. Of course, what I generally heard when anyone saw the Edwards magnet was that they were excited about Obama... even if they agreed more with Edwards' policies.)


kgirl said...

I have a Grateful Dead sticker on my car. But I dig Edwards.

bubandpie said...

John Edwards seems like the Stephane Dion candidate - the boring guy who may well come up the middle to win while the more exciting candidates duke it out.

Lisa b said...

But please please don't let them spit the votes and oh I cannot even write what might happen.

My favourite car sticker is that fish with legs that says 'Darwin' in it.

Suz said...

Although I'm a bit concerned about Edwards' lack of experience, I'm coming to appreciate him more and more. He's from my state and actually lives in the town that G. and I would like to move to at some point. He's done really good things for the state and seems to truly respect the people whom he helps. I'd be interested on hearing the reasons behind your support.

Sandra said...

I'm with Lisa on the vote splitting ... makes me cringe. Go John!

Just caught up on all your wonderfulness. Wow. Boy was I gone at the wrong time. Sending so many good thoughts your way!

Laural Dawn said...

When we were at Ben & jerry's in vermont we got a bumbper sticker to encourage people to vote. Maybe it's weird that we've put that right next to our VT sticker that we got last year. But, I think in our hearts we'd love to be Vermonters.
I don't actually know who Ben & Jerry support, but some of their environmental stuff is amazing ... not to mention their ice cream!
But, I truly believe that no matter what you believe it's so important to take a stand vote.

Mouse said...

The plus side of the system in the US is that the primaries and caucuses give some time for the vote to sort itself out. And I don't see the vote splitting enough between the three top candidates to allow one of the others to find himself on top.

What's funny with Edwards being the boring of the three top candidates is that he was seen as a breath of fresh air last time (and only second in excitement to Dean and his outbursts).

Working on a post about why I support Edwards, which may turn into several posts at this point.

Aliki2006 said...

I think I'll end up supporting Edwards as well--and I'll be so interested to read your post on why you support him. I haven't sat down to articulate my own thoughts yet.

We still have an old "Kerry-Edwards" sticker on one of our vans--time to update!

Voth said...

I have a "Republicans for Voldemort" sticker on my car. I stand by it, even though it doesn't really class the car up much.

I'm not sure who I'm voting for yet, but I'm looking forward to the debates.

Jennifer said...

Thus far, I'm a Kucinich backer, but I know he won't get the nod, so I will be looking forward to your thoughts on Edwards. He makes me nervous, for a few reasons, but I'm hoping I'm being too hyper-critical. I so want a candidate I can really believe in. (And nope, a Republican isn't going to fit the bill!)