Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Random thoughts on a Wednesday

Things that are floating around in my head...

I'm finding it a bit clunky to constantly refer to "the city where my in-laws live" and "the town where we hope to live" or "the town close to my in-laws' city." And so it's time for a few more pseudonyms. For these, I borrow from the Simpsons.
  • Springfield. OK, the town we're moving to does not have an international airport or two universities, some of the items that magically pop up whenever they're needed for a plot detail. Our town is quite small in comparison, but it will serve as the location of our family's zany adventures (which will all be resolved in 22 minutes, right?).
  • Capital City. It's not as far away as the 220 miles Capital City is from Springfield, but my in-laws' city is definitely the larger city to our smaller hometown-to-be. It's where we'll head for nights of culture and nice restaurants. And free babysitting.

I've started combing through the MLS and seriously coveting some houses. We kind of want to hold off on closing until November or December so that we're not paying on two places for more than a month, but we're contemplating making an offer during our next visit to the area with the hope that sellers will be willing to wait a little for a sure thing (since we're already pre-approved for a mortgage). And I'm trying not to get too giddy right now since there was an article about the housing market in Springfield and the fact that sellers are dropping their asking prices since nothing's moving right now. I have seen proof of this in a seemingly-gorgeous house that dropped by $35,000 yesterday--into the top of our range. (I'm trying to remain even-headed on this one though, given the great disappointment that was the last house we fell in love with online.)

Scooter was being trouble at bathtime tonight. I finally gave him the option of just not taking a bath (I reserve this offer for a couple times a week, not on consecutive nights). He jumped at the chance, but then didn't want to let me brush his hair. "Do you have to be so much trouble?" I asked. "Yes," came his even response. Pause. Then, "I'm just like Uncle W." Not sure where that came from, but I bet my mother-in-law would agree.

Scooter also started a new block of OT today. Trillian took him and chatted with the woman who did our original intake phone call. In the course of the conversation, the woman mentioned that they had just had an opening in a small playgroup for next week. Et voila, Scooter has a special activity for next week.

Today was the last day of new material for the class I'm teaching. We're reviewing tomorrow, so I still need to prepare some of the topics students have specifically asked me to cover. But I'm almost done with an entire summer of teaching. It's been a long summer, but I have to appreciate my students and how dedicated they have been. Consistently. They're the reason I've had the energy to keep going all week, every week, a major reason I didn't just take a few days off during my miscarriage. So while it will be a relief to have my schedule free up (can we say "Reading for comps?"), I will miss them.

On that sappy note, time to plan out tomorrow's class.


Lisa b said...

I am SO looking forward to the Simpson's epsiodes.

kittenpie said...

Wow. Okay. I haven't been keeping up. You're really all set to do it, then! that must be scary/thrilling. And yeah, it is so hard not to get attached to houses. The real estate business is such a rollercoaster. Sounds like it's on your side, though! Sweet!

Aliki2006 said...

I like the new secret names, and the promise of Simpson-esque episodes.