Monday, August 06, 2007

A bump in the road

We went through the hotel room twice, checking for any little thing that might have been forgotten. Heaven forbid that we forget any little toy Scooter had received in a kid's meal over the weekend. Went over the room with a fine-toothed comb.

Or so we thought.

I went to grab my teaching notebook, the one with my plans for this week and a stack of recently graded quizzes. Not in my backpack.

I have been able to confirm that it was found in the hotel room. For which I am very thankful since I had it folded so it would probably just look like a pile of white paper. And it will be sent to me very soon.

But that still leaves me with a week's worth of planning to redo and a without a stack of quizzes I had intended to return tomorrow in preparation for the final exam next week. Nothing I can do about the latter, but the former is pre-empting any additional posting.


Aliki2006 said...

Yikes--my worst nightmare. I'm glad they were found, at least.

metro mama said...

Oh, no!

Lisa b said...

That is also my worst nightmare.
Well no, I guess losing my child's equivalent of Thomas would be worse.

Mouse said...

Luckily, my students did well on the exam, so I told them I'd figure in the lowest grade anyone received as a placeholder for their grades up to this point--quizzes aren't worth much, so it affects their overall grade by less than 0.1% and I should have the quizzes in time to figure official grades. Frustrating nonetheless since I generally pride myself in being on top of these sorts of things.