Sunday, August 05, 2007

A post before my head hits the pillow

It's not like I was without internet service. But the weekend conspired to keep me from posting. There was the traveling very late into the night. And then the free internet that didn't always work. And the sharing a hotel room with a four-year-old, so we all go to sleep at the same time. And the hours spent away from the hotel, spending time with the family.

We went to the family reunion.

I told one sister about the second miscarriage in hushed whispers off to the side of the yard. Nobody else asked about more kids and I didn't volunteer the information.

Trillian and I both spent quite a lot of time explaining where Scooter is in the autism evaluation process, what his particular red flags are, and why we're planning the move back to the States. These conversations deserve their own post--this is the mathematician side of my family and I found it quite ironic to have them repeatedly and passionately exclaim that they saw absolutely nothing at all wrong with Scooter.

The most distressing aspect of the weekend for Trillian and me, however, is the fact that we seemed to have entered an espresso-free zone. Every place that said it had coffee had exactly that. It's not even a snobbery thing, but rather a concession to the fact that both of us tolerate espresso far better; when either of us drinks a single cup of drip-brewed coffee, she runs the risk of the jitters. We managed to find a Starbucks at a mall that wasn't too far from the festivities, but it was definitely out of the way and not open this morning before we headed back home.

Much to write, much to read. But first, much sleep to be slept!


Lisa b said...

So glad to hear the weekend turned out well and especially glad to hear you found a Starbucks.

crazymumma said...

welcome home. Have a good rest.

Aliki2006 said...

Welcome home!