Monday, August 13, 2007

Global Warming Monday: BlogHers Act Canada Vote

I was going to save this for my "Global Warming Wednesday" post this week, but time is of the essence. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, the issue for BlogHers Act Canada is the environment. And so now there's a vote this week to determine what our exact focus will be.

Head on over and make your choice:

Besides the larger issue that we're voting on, BlogHers Act Canada will also include a monthly personal action item to encourage individual changes. Not that I consider myself the inventor of this, but I do take a little pride in having suggested it.

And remember, even though this is officially BlogHers Act Canada, there's nothing that says you have to be Canadian or in Canada to take some action yourself. I plan on following along even after we've made our move to Springfield.

So go vote already!


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You rock

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People should read this.