Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A quiet night in the 100 Acre Wood

My son's costume came together last night.* I got into my old Eeyore costume (one of a couple I've bought rather than put together myself). My wife took pictures of me getting him into his costume and then of the two of us together.

He then wore his costume twice today at school. Once to show it off in the morning and then in the afternoon for the real festivities. My wife was able to be there for the afternoon fun, and I got there as soon as I could after my seminar. He wore the costume home.

But once we were home, we decided against going out again. My son had been a little grumpy all day long, and my wife and I both are still a bit under the weather. Our building hasn't organized anything for Halloween beyond a little candy at the front desk, so trick-or-treating would mean driving somewhere--we had considered going back to our neighborhood from last year since it's very residential. Instead, we watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on DVD.

Now my wife purchased candy, just in case we have trick-or-treaters. But given that the management planned nothing and we have no light outside our apartment or any other way of indicating our willingness to ply others' children with sugar, it's doubtful we'll see anyone over here. Of course, that means we'll have more than enough chocolate to fill our own son's bag.

So by my math, we've broken even.

* For the second year in a row, my son appeared to be the only kid in his class with a homemade costume. On the one hand, it makes me proud because I feel like I've really pulled something off. On the other hand, it means his costumes are not as flashy as others', and I wonder at what point he's going to want more.

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