Monday, October 02, 2006

Miscellanea for a Monday evening

- I'm working on a follow up post to my original atheism post. I've written most of it, but got to a point where things aren't quite falling into place the way I'd like. So I'm letting it sit for a while.

- My poor son has been coughing almost non-stop. We think it's seasonal allergies, possibly mold or some other Autumn thing, but we have not yet got him on meds that control the cough. We're trying something different tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

- To mention the elephant in the room: Yes, I've taken a pregnancy test. This morning, in fact. Still inconclusive. I thought that perhaps I saw the faintest of second lines, but could not decide if it was really there or simply a trick of the mind. When I looked at it much later, there was definitely a faint second line--but that reading was well outside the 10 minute limit they allow for an accurate reading.

- In related news, the faux/early symptoms continue. The nausea has slowly increased. Today I changed my mind about what to eat for lunch because just thinking about my usual choice made me feel ill--and food never has that affect on me. I also swear that my waistbands are already feeling tighter (the bloating) and yet I haven't gained any weight, so it's not the usual water-retention/water-weight issue I usually have at this time of month with PMS.

- And I'm so tired.

- But I must go work now. The distraction has not helped me complete my coursework, so it's like pulling teeth to read through primary material, three times as hard to get through the secondary. But try I must.


bubandpie said...

I've taken many a negative pregnancy test and tried my HARDEST to imagine a second line - and nothing. Absolute, pure light-yellowness.

How many days dpo are you now? Those symptoms are over the top, lady.

Mouse said...

I am only 12 dpo and my period isn't due until Wednesday. I was using a pregnancy test that claims to be 84% accurate two days early. But with a similar test with my first pregnancy, I didn't register a positive until 14 dpo. My wife is convinced I'm pregnant (and she's always guessed correctly before, positive or negative) and I figure I've got another couple days before I know.