Thursday, October 19, 2006

Moving to yes

First in a series of pregnancy-obsessed posts as I wait...

This summer my son had the opportunity to meet his brand-new cousin. She was 2-months-old when we visited, still so tiny. He started out very eager to be her friend, talking to her and trying to share his trains. She just sat in her swing and made the occasional noise. He was not impressed--how could he be expected to relate to someone who can't appreciate Thomas and his friends?

It didn't help that his two mommies were cooing over the baby, cradling her in their arms to feed her a bottle, jumping at her every cry.* And then? They had the audacity to ask if he would like to have a baby at home. The answer, quite obviously, was a resounding NO.

We've continued to ask this question from time to time, as it comes up--seeing a baby in a stroller or on TV (this comes up a lot when we watch Robots and they 'make' the baby at the beginning). Last week, it came up as we rode home from school. "Would you," I gently asked, "like a baby brother or sister?" And for the first time, an affirmative answer: "I'd like a baby sister."

He confirmed his preference for a baby sister again today, qualifying it with the request that she would play trains with him. And when we dared ask, "What about a baby brother?", he replied, "OK, a baby brother to play trains."

So he is moving in the right direction. We don't dare tell him that whatever sibling he gets won't be able to play trains for quite some time. Or that it will be years before said sibling can play trains in an acceptable manner.**

Now all we need are some books that will help us explain everything: what it's like to have a new baby in the house and maybe even how the baby gets here--though that one will be harder if we try mostly to stick with something representative of our family. Any suggestions?

* Though it did remind his mommies of just how amazing it is to hold such a little one (and she was small enough to be just barely bigger than he was at birth). And it made them that much more certain that they're ready to add to the family.

** If ever. He often yells at my wife and me for playing with the wrong train or moving it to the wrong place.


bubandpie said...

This is my one regret: I never got to share the experience of waiting for a baby with the older sibling-to-be. Bub simply never noticed my belly - there was no way to attract his attention to it, much less remotely convey what it meant. I remember how excited I was when my mother was pregnant with my sister - I remember how we talked about ideas for names (and how disappointed I was when my top choice, Sarah, was not selected). As you know, I am completely satisfied with two children, and with the age difference between them - but that's the one part I always think of with a twinge of regret.

(So that's my long way of saying, no, I don't have any good books to recommend. ;)

Walter F.Hallett said...

This is awesome thank you! we have a little one on the way and I had not idea all the different toys and baby clothes we would need to have. again thank you!

Max said...

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John S said...

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