Sunday, October 08, 2006

I don't want to know*

One of my favorite things about StatCounter is being able to see what brings readers to my page. The most common search is "mouse nest" or "mouse's nest." I would like to think they're in search of my brilliant writing, but I suspect most of them are more concerned with taking care of vermin.

Today, I noticed a slight surge in activity on my page. A look at StatCounter shows that several of the new hits are arriving via blog searches. More specifically, they're arriving on yesterday's post. A couple of these searches are innocent enough. "Feminism" makes some sense, as I was responding to posts in which bloggers discussed feminism and raising daughters. I'm a little surprised that "baby care" lands on that post, but not alarmed.

It's the others that start to get creepy. "S*x stories," "girl s*x," and "skinny girls s*x" pretty much speak for themselves.** The one that makes my skin crawl, however, is "mother son s*x," both because someone was searching on that string and because my post was deemed relevant enough to show up in the results. I am relieved to discover that the reader spent no significant time on my post.

* I started to entitle this post "Write about s*x and they shall come," not intending the double-entendre. Needless to say, I changed my mind.
** Trying to learn my lesson here and not make this post appear quite so high on such searches.

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