Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Five little things that made my day

1) Realizing that my son and I matched--rust-colored tops and blue pants.
2) Starting this week's readings for one of my classes and feeling confident in my ability after two weeks of incredibly difficult work that left me feeling incompetent.
3) Finding Cars sheets for my son's new bed.
4) Coming home to find my wife in her flannel pjs. It sucks that she's not feeling well, but she's so adorable in them.
5) Watching my son stick his tongue out in deep concentration during his bath.

And one more, just because: chasing my son as he streaks through the apartment, lotion not fully rubbed in, arms through the legholes of his night diaper, clucking like a chicken.


Lisa b said...

Cars sheets - you are the best mummy ever!
Were you at target? I am jealous.

Mouse said...

I was. Just a short visit, specifically to see if they had the sheets. If I could pick just one company to expand from the US to Canada, it would be Target. With Trader Joe's running a close second.