Friday, August 11, 2006

Things I want to write about...

...when we finally conquer the coughing/vomiting/runny-eyed virus.*

1) Breastfeeding. I've been wanting to write about this since reading about the recent uproar making the blog rounds. My favorite take on this so far includes gratuitous man-nipple.

2) Co-sleeping. Not so much to engage in the arguments for or against, but to reflect on how it became a part of our routine and what it meant to me.

3) Sesame Street. This is in response to the Lovely Mrs. Davis' desire to celebrate this show's 37th (!) season.

4) Thoughts on my current favorite show (although new episodes don't begin until October): Battlestar Galactica.

5) The fact that I regularly watch a reality show now (Workout on Bravo), despite being generally opposed to the genre.

6) My love for Joss Whedon, particularly Firefly and Serenity. I am not so obsessed that I'm watching these all of the time, but little things pop up to remind me of how much I love this crazy sci-fi/Western 'verse. Just yesterday, it was Bub and Pie's brilliant post entitled "A Hogwarts Guide to Infant Care." Her Buffy/Angel reference sent me into my Whedon reverie, but I'm still really chewing on her Harry Potter analogy.

*The doctor pronounced our son's nastiness as a virus. No infection--beyond the conjunctivitis that suddenly developed yesterday afternoon. Luckily, he should be able to return to school on Monday, as long as we give him eye drops a mere 4 times a day. A fun weekend ensues.

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