Saturday, August 26, 2006

Should I be concerned?

I occasionally head over to StatCounter and check out the "Keyword Analysis." It's been interesting to see what combination of words it takes to land my blog high enough on a search page that somebody actually clicks through. Mostly, I suspect that the results are disappointing.
  • "make a cube school project" probably wanted to know how to make a cube, not that just such a project stands out as how my art education failed me.
  • "mouse nest" and "mice nest couch" likely have an infestation problem. Note to the latter: ditch the couch, you'll never get the smell out.
  • I have no idea what "supid, insurance" was after, but I doubt it was my random complaints.
While it's amusing to contemplate the above, I find one of the other searches unsettling: "i pooped on his chest." Because, really... I mean, wow. At the time this search was performed, my blog came up as the 9th site.* I believe it resulted as a combination of my reference to poop in a post that meditated on a morning with my son and a mention in my ode to my love for my son of how "I would watch the rise and fall of his chest and inhale his ambrosial scent." According to the stats (because I felt compelled to research this one further), that person spent no significant time on my site. Needless to say, I'm glad my blog didn't meet those expectations.

*Luckily the addition of a post or two has taken care of that since the two posts referenced no longer show up on the first page.

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