Monday, August 14, 2006

Healthy preschooler, sick mommies

My son is mostly recovered from his illness. It's unfair to say he's completely healthy, as he still gets into a cough-cycle several times a day. But WOW! was he happy to back at school.

The creeping crud, however, is claiming his mommies. Not in an all-out-sick way, but in the throw-you-off-balance way, literally and figuratively. Little moments of vertigo come upon me with no warning, and nothing is making my throat better. I should be poring over bibliographies and reading through some primary texts, but I'm just too tired (and dizzy) to focus on a printed page for too long, much less comprehend the material and recast it for my own use. And so my pointless ramblings of the evening...

Only 9 more hours before I start a new day; I usually sleep 6-7 hours, but the bed beckons.

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