Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chicken soup for all

It has not been a good school week for my son or me. Over the holiday weekend--Canada celebrated a Civic Holiday* on Monday--we all felt a little punkish, but my son, in particular, developed a nasty cough that sounded like it came from deep in his lungs. So he stayed home from school on Tuesday; I left the house just long enough to pick up the copious notes my supervisor wrote on my first draft. By early Tuesday evening, the cough was better and sounded more superficial, like a slight tickle in his throat. We took a walk to go listen to some buskers and watch trains, and the boy was full of energy.

So he seemed ready to return to school. The wife and I also had an ulterior motive, as we had made plans for a date afternoon a couple weeks ago. In any case, the boy was happy to see his friends and quickly settled in to playing when I dropped him off. When the wife and I went to pick him up, however, we were informed that he had thrown up after snack. Obviously not too badly, as they hadn't called us, but it was enough to make us feel guilty about sending him to school.

On the whole ride home, he sat in my wife's lap (public transit, not the car). After we got back to our place, he sat next to me on the couch and even fell asleep sitting up. He woke up long enough to get into his pjs and slide into bed. My poor sweet boy. We'll be cuddling for most of the day tomorrow.

Of course, between the sick days and my goof-off day, I have done next to no work this week. Deadlines loom and the next semester is upon me. Argh!

And I believe I've now left my lunch sack in the department refrigerator for a week.

*Seriously, this is the holiday's name, this is how it appears on calendars. It is celebrated the first Monday of August and is intended as a day of leisure. So really, it's a holiday simply for the hell of it. I believe that a few provinces and municipalities have officially given the day the name of someone deemed worthy of the honor, but it still appears in most places as "Civic Holiday."

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