Saturday, August 26, 2006

My carpet is a mosaic of toys and Cheerios

As I wrote my post last night, I seemed to be laboring under the illusion that I had the whole "temporary single parent" thing completely under control. My son has been properly dressed each day and fed at every meal. I've been keeping up with the laundry and dishes. I've even managed to get a little of my own work done.

But I was ignoring a few things.
  • My son's breakfast has included cookies on several occasions. Note I said included, he has also had Cheerios and juice at the least. But my usual stony resolve on "no cookies for breakfast" has completely crumbled this week.
  • The toys have not been put away. Tonight or any night this week. On the days he was in preschool, it didn't get too bad, but today...
  • And that's ignoring the Cheerio, cracker, and cookie bits that decorate the living area floor. I'm thinking it might be time to get out the vacuum.
My wife comes home tomorrow, as long as the weather gods are appropriately appeased. Fingers crossed.


bubandpie said...

That's a relief to read, Mouse! I'm on my own today (on about 5 hours of sleep after last night's T.O. gathering) and I've been thinking about your post and wondering "Why am I the only one who falls apart every time she's on her own for a day?"

Personally, I think regular rules about cookie-consumption/TV-watching are in abeyance whenever one's spouse is away.

Mouse said...

We're on day 5 or so--though it feels like forever. The weekdays were not nearly as bad since we have a routine and he spends most of the daylight hours at preschool. The weekend has been wearing both of us down, however.

Yesterday included a meltdown at Ikea. Today he has entered the territory of acting out, mostly in the form of potty-training regression; he was in his sixth pair of underpants/pull-ups before noon.

My wife's plane looks like it will be slightly delayed. But the positives: my son is napping right now and, even if this flight were to be cancelled, there are two more this afternoon.