Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Requisite bitching about the heat

I recognize that the heat is insane all over, but somehow still feel justified in throwing a few of my own complaints out there. Even if I wanted to write something profound, my brain is unable to think of anything more than, "I'm melting."

It's been 24 hours of record heat here, and our air conditioning quit working. Last summer, we had an apartment in a divided house that officially had air conditioning; in reality, the cool air never reached us, but we made do with fans and a window unit. After moving into our current place in a brand new hi-rise (first occupants even), we crowed about the fact that we have central air with dual zones. Of course, it doesn't seem to run for more than a few days before the air heats up and a notice goes up on the bulletin board that "oops, A/C isn't working, we'll get it running soon." Since this is a modern facility, built with the expectation that we would rely on our A/C, it is very hard to get any air moving through the apartment using the windows. And while the A/C was back online as of about 5 pm--we ran into the manager posting the notices--apparently it takes a very long time to catch up. The wife went down at 7 to find out why the vents were still blowing warm air and was informed that the cold air has to work its way down; as residents of a lower floor, it would take another 2-3 hours to feel the difference. More than 3 hours later, we've cooled down a single degree (Fahrenheit). I'm melting!

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