Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Not optimistic, but choosing to focus on other things

I will be doing a walk-in ultrasound on Friday, so I should have conclusive information then. I'm not optimistic, because the bleeding and cramping have gradually increased. Not yet as bad as last time, but not a good sign.

In the meantime, I've been working on a couple lists.

Things that keep me busy:
  • Planning the final exam for the class I'm teaching.
  • Writing practice exam for homework assignment.
  • Perusing the MLS for our upcoming move.
  • Reading about the US housing market and the fact that it's expected to bottom out sometime in 2008.
  • Running calculations in my head that have come up with the following equation: time we buy house (most likely) = shortly before the market starts to go back up.
  • Looking for further updates on the recent Lindsay Lohan news. (I'm weak.)
Things that make me laugh:
  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. The best way for me to get my news when I'm feeling down. I get to stay up-to-date and laugh at the same time. Luckily, for those times when I want to go to bed before 11 pm, they are replayed several times the next day.
  • Robot Chicken and Tripping the Rift. I used to watch both of these in the US, the former on Comedy Central and the latter on Sci-Fi (after first discovering it in Launch Magazine, which used to arrive monthly on CD-ROM). Now I can watch them back-to-back, from 9-10 pm, on Teletoon. Good background noise for when I just want something on, great when I actually want to watch. Both are irreverent and tread the line between funny and so wrong--which is what I need right now.
  • Pictures of my son. Especially when he's making a pirate face (arrrgh) or being a scary blue dinosaur (roar). Trillian and her mother both have been sending along pictures as they take them, so I've had a steady diet.
  • Students. Especially when they passionately exclaim, "I love this class! It's so hard, but we have the best time!"
Now to watch some mindless television and write a practice exam.


kgirl said...

I really hope things are ok. I really do.

crazymumma said...

My sister in law sent this to me today. May it provide some humour.

I hope Friday brings good news.

Trillian said...

At dinner, Scooter was walking around with his koosh ball between his legs and saying he was a chicken and the ball was his tail. I was laughing so hard, I snorted a piece of pasta up my nose....did I mention we were on the patio of a restaurant at the time. ;-) See you soon Sweetie!

cinnamon gurl said...

I so hope things turn out ok.

Aliki2006 said...

I'm glad you're keeping your spirits up and please know that I'm still thinking of you...