Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Global Warming Wednesday: Little changes

While I did not come up with a specific new action for June and haven't planned anything specific for this month (see last week's post for my recent lull), yesterday's post reminded me that there are several areas where I've made little changes that I haven't already mentioned.

One of them is remembering to bring a travel mug with me to campus. I already did this to some extent, but generally only remembered the mug if I was bringing my morning latte (made at home) with me; on the mornings when I forgot, I'd end up buying a bottled water or juice or a drink at Starbucks or Second Cup. At about the same time I was focusing on bringing cloth bags with me for shopping, I also realized (duh) that it would be pretty easy to stick a travel mug in one of my backpack's water bottle holders each morning, even if I wasn't making coffee. Now I don't always remember to bring one on non-school trips, such as the coffee Trillian and I frequently get at Whole Foods during our weekly trip, but that's the next step.

We've also been trying to cut down on the amount of food we end up throwing out, as much because it's a waste as because it's a waste of money. Far too often, we found that we'd bought some vegetables or dairy product only to throw most of it out a couple weeks later. And so we're doing a better job of planning ahead and only buying things we'll actually eat. This does not mean we're not throwing anything away, but there is improvement. Especially since our building doesn't have the green bin program, decreasing the amount of food that goes into the garbage leads to less garbage from our household.

Weightier issues to come soon.


Sandra said...

It is so frustrating to hear how many buildings don't do the green bin program.

Good for you on all the changes ... it takes all those little changes to make a big impact!

Vikki said...

Our son is very focused on changing all of our lightbulbs to the energy saving ones. We are starting there.

I read an article in the Smithsonian that said (roughly - my memory is bad)if every home changed one room's lights to energy saving bulbs it would be like removing several hundred thousand cars from the roads. Of course, it loses something with my vagueness :)

Aliki2006 said...

We're trying to cut back on the food we throw out as well. We've made improvements, but still have work to do.