Thursday, July 19, 2007

A little voice from a long distance

Scooter generally does not like talking on the phone. I think that some of it is the extra difficulty he has processing auditory information without visual input. Usually we can get him to say a couple words to his grandparents on the phone. But he's always quick to say, "OK, bye."

For two nights now, I have had real conversations on the phone with him. These are not conversations we would have had via phone even a month ago. He'll tell me some of the things he did, and I'll comment. Then I ask what his favorite thing was, and he'll think about it just a little before responding. Tonight:

S: Today I fed the fish and played in the water and then played in the sand.
a little later
S: I got a special treat at the toy store.
M: You got a special treat? What was it?
S: A crane.
M: What color is it?
S: Red. His name is called Rocky.
M: Wow. Does he play with your trains?
S: Yeah. One train is called name Mavis. The other train is called name Salty. (Those are the two that traveled with him from our house.)

(I find the combination of 'name' and 'call' interesting, especially since several languages use something approximating "I am called..." for "My name is...")

His favorite thing today was feeding the fish; there is a koi pond at Grandma and Grandpa's, and it has become Scooter's job to give them their food. They make funny faces at him and eat their food all up.

I'm not crying, but the tears have welled up a little. I love that he will talk to me on the phone and that my professions of "I miss you" and "I love you" are met with an "I miss you too" and "I love you too."

My favorite thing today? Hearing my son's voice from so many hundred of miles away.

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