Friday, December 01, 2006

A little me time

A couple weeks ago, when Trillian was apologizing for the umpteenth time for being sick and leaving me with the bulk of household duties (to which I responded for the umpteenth time, "But that's family and you'd do it for me), she suggested that when everyone got better, I should go to a spa for a special treat.

In the past, when we've thought about doing such things, they tend to get forgotten. And so, I've never actually used the services of a spa. I've had a couple nice haircuts; yeah for Aveda mini-massages! I've seen massage therapists, but that's it.

But this time, I've decided that I will follow through and treat myself. So here's why I'm writing about this: help me figure out the best way to pamper myself for even just an hour or so. I do need another haircut, but that does not have to be part of the package. I also haven't decided if this will be pre- or post-Christmas.

If you're in the Toronto area, can you recommend some spa or salon with spa services?

Even if you're not in the Toronto area, you can play along. What are your favorite spa treatments?

Completely unrelated: Be sure to keep checking out Mommy Blogs Toronto. There's a new post up there, Kittenpie's book suggestions. New content now appears three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And we'll be starting in with some holiday posts this coming Monday!


metro mama said...

I love me a pedicure. A massage is nice too.

sunshine scribe said...

So great you are treating yourself. I have been given gift certificates to the Elmwood (near the Eaton's Centre) before and it is nice there and not pretentious. I hear they Stillwater (at the Hyatt) is fancy schmancy.

Lisa b said...

Yes Yes Yes make sure you treat yourself

I like the Elmwood but I got addicted to massages at the Stillwater while I was pregnant. The huz and I together had $1500 worth of insurance coverage for registered massage therapists. Maybe you have coverage? The BEST massage is only partially covered bc it is massage and hydrotherapy. I honestly lay there the whole time thinking about the extravagance of it but loving it soooo much.

I had the worst pedicure I have ever had in my life at the stillwater - goopy polish, chipped in minutes.
My new place for manis and pedis is the ten spot where catherine and Tania arranged the girls night.

penelopeto said...

i go on my birthday every year - very, very necessary.
last year i had a 'floating' massage and a 'floating' facial at civello - H.E.A.V.E.N.

Mouse said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Now I've got a few places to check out. I'm aiming for doing this now after my exam in January--pampering after I pass or solace after I fail.