Friday, December 08, 2006

Emerging from the haze

Sporadic posts as we over at the nest try to recover from the plague and pestilence that has descended upon us. Reports from the States indicate that Trillian is suffering from the early stages: sore throat degenerating into a rough cough.

Yesterday was difficult for both Scooter and me. I was coughing crap up, and Scooter threw up a couple times--too much mucus! Neither one of us felt like doing much of anything, but I had a couple of meetings I had to get to, especially as this is the end of the semester and they were time-sensitive. So, for the first time this semester, for the first time since I began this program actually, I bundled Scooter up and brought him with me, armed with many Cars, some orange juice, and snacks. Not much fun for anyone, but we managed.

Once we got back home, we bunkered down, liberally dosing ourselves with Tylenol (for the fever both of us have been running) and meds for the congestion (Benadryl for the boy, Mucinex for me--brought in from the States since we can't find it here). Both of us napped in the afternoon; I got in three hours, Scooter slept for 4 1/2 hours (and still fell asleep around his usual time).

Today is more of the same. I'm missing the last day of my classes for the semester, but there was no way around it. Even if Trillian were here to watch Scooter, I don't think I could have handled a full day for myself.

We did manage a trip to the grocery store for more meds and other essentials (i.e., Goldfish crackers). Of course, I managed to forget two things I had told myself last night not to forget--but they never made it onto the written list.

I highly suspect that this is the flu, diagnosed mostly by the aches and chills I had yesterday. Both have abated significantly today, and the fever is not quite as high or persistent. So perhaps the whining shall pass soon too.


ali said...

oh no! sending all of you some healthy vibes! feel better :)

sunshine scribe said...

Oh no. I hope you are all feeling better soon.

Lisa b said...

Oh the flu is terrible and having to care for a child while you are sick is just so hard.
I hope you are feeling better soon.