Saturday, December 30, 2006

Let it snow!

When I would tell people where I was headed for the holidays (a more southern destination in the States), they invariably said, "So at least you'll be warm." To which I would reply, "Actually, it gets pretty cold there, but at least we'll have sun." And as we got closer to our trip and saw the weather predictions, "We're more likely to have a white Christmas there than Toronto is."

We got our white Christmas! The snow was a foot or so deep by the time we got to the house. It melted a little bit before the holiday, but enough was left to create the desired white blanket.

A few days after Christmas, we intently watched the weather again. The other visitors were supposed to head home, and there was the threat of another snowstorm for Thursday, the day of their flights. But it held off for long enough that they had no trouble getting out. It snowed gently for part of Thursday, occasionally getting heavy, but the ground was still warm enough that it was hours before the snow started to stick. We managed to get around that day--doctor's appointment for Trillian, grocery store for food and the D batteries we kept forgetting (for a toy, of course).

But it kept snowing. And snowing. All night long, into the morning. When we woke up, we had at least another foot. The snow paused for a little bit mid-morning, but then started up again. Most of the time with enormous, fluffy flakes. Gorgeous to watch, but unending.

At some point around noon, I thought to myself, "The last time I saw this much snow was the winter before Scooter was born." We were easily at two feet (both that winter and yesterday afternoon). But the snow kept coming. As the sun set, the flakes got smaller and finer, but it still fell.

This morning? It's still snowing. We have at least 3 feet. The birdbath and bench are practically covered. Just the lip of the birdbath pokes out, and it is also visible because of the couple of feet of snow on top of it. The bench is a hump in the snow, its back barely visible from one side where the snow hasn't settled.

The end time for this storm keeps getting moved back. Thursday night, early Friday morning, Saturday at 6 am, Sunday at 5 am. Officially, we are supposed to head home tomorrow morning, as in leave the in-laws' at 6 am. Given that all of the highways in the area are closed and the airport is barely operating, I suspect we'll be here a bit longer.

The fire's roaring, we've got leftovers galore, I've got everything I need to study. Let it snow!


Mad Hatter said...

I love that pristine huge snowfall. I like the oblivion of feeling snowed in.

Sandra said...

Its still not white here. Glad you are enjoying it. WIshing you all a very happy new year (and happy studying too!)

metro mama said...

Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

cinnamon gurl said...

I was thinking of you and your long voyage to your holiday destination when I heard there was another crazy blizzard in Colorado. But it sounds like you had a great time.