Thursday, December 14, 2006

A few lists, as meditation

Trillian is home. Finally. She's home, and things are settling back down here. Scooter stayed home to enjoy some time with his two mommies, and it was very nice to cocoon a bit with the family. Even more of the funk that I was in is lifting, due both to the simple presence of my wife and to having my sounding board back in person.

We've begun to formulate a plan for the next couple years, something that moves us towards some of the things we both really want. And so I'm in a bit of a list-making mood right now.*

Goals for 2007
1) Get pregnant
2) Pass the rest of my qualifying exams
3) Organize all loose papers in the apartment (and yes, that will take a year)
4) Get my son into speech therapy (we're on the waitlist)

Goals for the 2007-08 school year
1) Finish all coursework
2) Pass my minor field
3) Complete the reading for my major field
4) Have the second child
5) Move with my family to our favorite area of the US

Goals for three years
1) Have my dissertation ready for defense
2) Be on the market

Goals for ten years
1) Complete one novel
2) Have a tenure-track job (or a stable and satisfying adjunct situation--if that's not an oxymoron)
3) Own a house again--and have it remodeled to fit our long-term needs

Mostly realistic I think, I hope. Fodder for more posts. Reference for days when I become untethered again.

*Bub and Pie, I just about cracked up when I saw you refer to list-making as an indulgence. I love list-making. But, really, is that a surprise?


jen said...

you impress me greatly.

i can't even make a shopping list.

and oh what an important list you have..

bubandpie said...

"stable and satisfying adjunct situation" - heheh. I hope that's what I have now, since I picked up those extra courses this year. If they turn into a return engagement, I can finally breathe a little bit.

And list-making - yes, indeed, Mouse - you raise the indulgence into a fine art, I think.

sunshine scribe said...

I love your plan and couldn't be more impressed. I hope it all works out exactly as you want it too :)

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Plans are good. flexibility is good. I wish you luck in fulfilling your plans!

I try to make lists. I often fail at making lists. *grin*

Anonymous said...

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