Thursday, November 30, 2006

Getting a little personal

I read a statistic at some point (don't remember when, where, or exactly in what context--obviously not in research mode at the time) that only 10% of women think about s@x* more than once a week. As with so much of statistics, this number raises more questions than it answers. The article claimed that it makes sense women would think about this so little since testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for arousal and women have 10% of the testosterone of men. I remember wondering about what research went into the statistic back when I read it.

And when this number floated across my brain earlier, I also began to wonder how such an interview was conducted and what qualified as "thinking about s@x." Fantasizing about the act? Admiring a partner's physical features? Deciding you'd be up for some action tonight? Bemoaning the fact that your partner will certainly be interested when you're exhausted?

And is this an average? Or was the number arrived at in some other manner?

So why was this floating through my head, you may be wondering. I'll answer as best as I can without getting too personal (the title of the post, after all, is "Getting a little personal").

I've mentioned the charting of my fertility signals before and the fact that I'm pretty in tune with my body. Besides the changes I've discussed before, one surefire sign that I'm ramping up to peak fertility is a surge in my libido. And so, as I find myself heading to that point in the first cycle of my two-month break, I am not charting my fertility with the same compulsion as before, yet I still can't help but notice that's where I'm headed.

And if the statistic I quoted above is at all true, I must rate somewhere around "h@rny teenaged boy" for at least one week a month.

I'd imagine that still qualifies as TMI, but there you have it.

*Seriously, not a prude. Just trying to avoid some unwanted search attention.


metro mama said...

I get more horny around o-time.

kittenpie said...

I find two peaks in my interest - ovulation and right premenstrual, though I can't fathom why the second. It's true, too, that I am well familiar with that rueful thoguht that our moments of interest never seem to appear at the same time or when there is a moment to devote to such things... sigh.

Mouse said...

I experience the second peak, but to a lesser degree. And "rueful" is a good word for how I end up feeling--lately there's been a mix of the usual unmatched desires and too much going on. And, in a bit of lesbian irony for us, trying to get pregnant usually means that we have less sex since we get kind of "don't rock the boat" after my trips to the doctor.