Monday, November 20, 2006

Miscellanea for a Monday evening, again

Some odds and ends today. I have some real, serious posts in the works, but don't have the attention span needed to bring them to fruition.

1. We had the honor of attending WonderBaby's 1st birthday party! Scooter had the fun of being one of the big kids, though it also meant he had to guard his favored playthings closely. Cakes had a tendency to want whatever he had--and they have matching shrieks of protest! Towards the end of our time there, he enjoyed chasing Strawberry through the front hall, kitchen, dining room, and living room, back to the front hall and around again, each one pushing some rolling toy. Much fun for all! Scooter fell asleep on the drive home and went to bed quickly. Bonus!

2. I've been very emotional today, even more so than usual. This is easily ascribed to hormones, but the question, of course, is PMS or pregnancy? Not sure. Waiting for the answer sometime this week, either way.

3. I am a little conflicted about what I want the outcome to be. I am very ready to have another baby, but would kind of like a break before the actual pregnancy. Perhaps the one thing that keeps coming to mind when I think about being pregnant again is just how exhausted I was during the first trimester--and that I have a lot to get done for this semester still, so I'll need to be sacrificing a little sleep in the next couple months.

4. Trillian is looking and feeling much better. She still feels weak and has a slight cough, but is no longer in the grips of pneumonia. So she now feels well enough that it annoys her not to be able to do everything she wants.

5. Trillian also discovered today the reason Scooter and I may still be coughing and feeling under the weather, despite plenty of recovery time. We almost always keep our blinds closed, because even a little sunshine heats our apartment insanely. Trillian looked outside to see if it was snowing. Instead she noticed pools of water along our window sills and mold. Apparently with the cold air outside, all the moisture in our air has caused condensation. Given that we strongly suspect mold allergies in Scooter and me, it would explain the continued cough. Time for the Lysol!

6. I'm still thinking about the recent breastfeeding brouhaha. Given that I'm likely to be breastfeeding again in less than a year, I've been thinking about it anyways. And I've been thinking about what I can do to make a difference, especially since reading Sunshine Scribe's new blog at Mommy Blogs Toronto.* So maybe there's a point of intersection?

*P.S. Go check out Mommy Blogs Toronto. Lots of great bloggers, lots of great content, lots more to come!


bubandpie said...

That Cakes is a formidable foe. Scooter was in tough with her, I'll bet.

Her Bad Mother said...

I hope that health and psyches settle down, chez vous. Sending you all good wishes!

something blue said...

Strawberry had so much fun playing with Scooter! I love when they tucker themselves out.

I hope everyone is feeling happy and healthy! My quick fix remedy is coffee and chocolate.

Mouse said...

Trillian is finally feeling good enough that she took a mid-day walk--o get a gingerbread latte (I don't think I have sufficiently described her addction here). She also wiped down our window sills with Lysol, discovering many new colors of mold. That really couldn't have been good for us.

Scooter was very excited the other morning to see pictures of WonderBaby on my laptop, and he started talking about the party. Good times!