Tuesday, November 07, 2006

His heart is racing

Depending on your perspective, there was something more important than the elections in the States on November 7th.

Cars came out on DVD.

Rather than wait and see who had it for the cheapest, we went ahead and pre-ordered from the Disney Store.* The selling point? The four free prints that came with it. Instant decorating theme for my son. We also got a 15% off coupon good during the first few days the video could be picked up.

So on my way home from school, I made a little detour to the mall to get the video and a few other goodies. Most of those have gone into a drawer to be pulled out later, as needed. I would worry about him losing interest, but I feel pretty confident that this thing will have legs at least through the holiday season.

Of course, the highlight was showing him the DVD box and his excited, "You bring me the Cars DVD!" Then, my wife and I stood off to the side and watched his face as the movie began. He giggled at the first image of cars zooming around and then smiled just about the biggest smile possible.

I have written before about wanting, once upon a time, to avoid too much branding, too much Disney, but I've given in. And with Cars, I've embraced it. It was my son's first movie in the theater, a magical moment that I will always treasure.

Plus, it's got a solid lesson, fun characters, and some great music (I definitely need the Sheryl Crow song that starts the whole thing)! Which is all good since I expect I'll be seeing this once a day for the next few weeks.

*It was, of course, more expensive than in the US, but the free prints more than make up for that. I also noticed only a $1 difference from the other places I've seen it for sale, so not a bad purchase.


crazymumma said...

No need to justify the purchase of a movie your child loves. It is a magical moment to watch their faces light up!

It was great to meet you the other night by the way....

Lisa b said...

Aww I can only imagine his joy.
Its a tough call wanting to ban branded itmes knowing how much they enjoy enjoy some of them.

Mouse said...

The truth is, I enjoy the movies too. On multiple viewings (oh, so many viewings), I catch all of the little extras the writers throw in for the adults.

As he gets older, I'll assuage my guilt by discussing fairy tales vs. reality, and the like.

But all of that melts away when I see how much he loves it.