Monday, November 05, 2007

What I'm watching

Although I began the semester with the intention of not watching much television, that plan hasn't come to fruition. In part, it's due to the fact that when I'm particularly productive, something my library carrel has facilitated, I don't have the concentration to power through another few hours of heavy reading. So instead I allow myself to sit on the couch, leisurely work on less rigorous tasks (email to my supervisor, compiling information I have handwritten in various places, looking for call numbers for books I need), and watch TV.

Herewith are the shows playing on our television on different nights of the week. Thanks to time shifting and the occasions when Canadian channels play shows on different nights from US stations, I have no idea if we're watching things at their "regular" time.

  • Simpsons. No need to explain or justify.
  • Other Sunday night cartoons. We usually leave these on, although I don't miss them if we don't.
  • How I Met Your Mother. A funny, funny show; we laugh out loud every time. Barney is reprehensible, but marvelously played by Neil Patrick Harris. We also get a kick out of the Canada jokes.
  • The Big Bang Theory. The only new sitcom we're watching. Hilarious. A lot of quick-fire dialog that uses math, physics, and other nerd humor at its base. Courtesy of this exchange, Trillian and I now say to each other, "Superman could catch her, but he would slice her into three equal parts," whenever one of us goes off on a tangent considering the ramifications of various theoretical circumstances (which happens a lot more than I should even admit). We also debate whether Scooter is more likely to be a Sheldon or a Leonard.
  • Pushing Daisies. This was created by the same guy who created Wonderfalls, which I have mentioned before as one of those shows I loved only to see it yanked off the air before it got a fair chance. Again, the main character (played by the actor who was the brother on Wonderfalls) has an otherworldly ability that he must keep (mostly) secret at the same time that it compels him to do things he wouldn't otherwise. Not your average network offering, and I am so glad that it seems to be picking up a following.
  • Biggest Loser. The only reality show Trillian and I watch. And we usually miss the first half hour or hour, depending on when it starts vis a vis Pushing Daisies. I like the positive aspects of the changes the contestants go through. That said, I most dislike the game-playing side, and that will be the thing that makes it easy to stop watching at some point.
  • Private Practice. Total brain candy. Good cast, generally amusing, even when the "big message" of the episode is too saccharine. We mostly started watching because it's there.
  • Bionic Woman. Ronald Moore, the man who is behind the updated Battlestar Galactica, brings us this much darker Bionic Woman. I like dark. I would also be lying if I said I started watching for any reason than Katee Sackhoff. She plays Sarah Corvus, the original bionic woman, who is supposed to be dead after going a bit haywire. She is a delicious nemesis, and I most love those episodes in which she has a fight scene. But the rest of the show is growing on me too--even though I keep hoping for Isaiah Washington's character to meet a messy death.
  • Ugly Betty. We started watching this part of the way through the first season and are hooked.
  • Grey's Anatomy. Another one that has hooked us. We have kept watching, even when we're screaming at the television over ridiculous storylines (George and Izzy? You've got to be kidding me!). And yet we keep watching.
  • Thursday has been the hardest night for us since we also like the sitcoms that play opposite these shows. So we've decided to catch My Name is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock, and Scrubs in reruns since it's usually easier to catch up on sitcoms. And with the writer's strike, that could be sooner than later.
Friday and Saturday are the empty nights for us, so that's when we make use of the library system's inter-library system and extensive DVD collection. Once we're back in the States, those will be Netflix nights.

So, are you watching the same shows or now wondering what the hell kind of person I am?


Suz said...

I look forward to Pushing Daisies all week! It's a really, really cool show.

Laural Dawn said...

well, we watch exactly one show that is the same - Ugly Betty.
It's weird because it is eerily similar to my old life (worked in fashion in NY and Toronto, and was the short chubby girl amidst models). Most of the story line otherwise is quite different. Thank goodness.

I don't watch much tv in the evening. We pvr everything and then I watch it when I'm up at like 5 am on weekends.

But, the one show I watch religiously is America's Next Top Model. Sad.

b*babbler said...

Amen to George and Izzy. What were they thinking?!

We have Pushing Daisies backed up on our PVR. Keep meaning to watch it, and never seem to get around to it. Perhaps we'll save it now that the writer's strike is one.

Aliki2006 said...

I think the only one of those I do watch is The Office--we love it!

We watch Masterpiece Theater on Sundays (if it's a good one), then we move into the weekday mode--Hereoes on Monday, Law & Order SVU on Tuesdays, The Office and Law & Order: Criminal Intent on Thursdays. That's about it--we usualyl rent old films for the weekend.

We do watch Lost and 24, but those haven't started yet...I guess we're less sitcom-watchers, and more drama-watchers.

kittenpie said...

I only watch Grey's, out of those. We are heavy on the dramas these days.
Tuesdays - NCIS, House
Wednesdays - Criminal Minds
Thursdays - Grey's

Those are the must-see ones, but Misterpie isn't comfortable in the living room without a flicker in his hand, so we watch plenty of aimless CSI, Dirty Jobs, house shows, and so forth, too. Sometimes I read while he watches, or I go blog, and sometimes, I just hang with him or pass out on the couch.

Hopefully once I get some energy back after this new cold, we'll get off the couch and start the 3rd floor renos instead.